A Music-Lover Takes The Next Step


There is something so special about high school senior sessions. For Elijah's session, I rounded the corner to our meeting spot and was greeted by a big portion of his family. It warmed my heart to see how excited they were for him. His aunt helped carry my gear, his mom hyped me up the whole time, and all-in-all there was a positivity in the air. Everyone was there to celebrate Elijah, and it was awesome.

When I was texting Elijah's mom, Erika, I asked her to let him pick his first outfit totally on his own - no, really! It's ok! I wanted photos all about him - as he is, right now, at 18. What does he love to do? She said he loves music. So, I asked him to bring his guitar and wear his favorite band tee. I couldn't be happier with the end result, and I think one day when he looks back on these photos, he will remember himself just as the music-lover he was.